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In simple terms, the ECU tuning is to correct the original program of the vehicle, which makes the air intake, ignition and fuel supply more accurately. In addition, the ECU tuning is also the most effective way for energy saving and fuel saving. Different from the plug-in computer to destroy the lines, the advantage of MYS ECU tuning is that we do not destroy any vehicle lines or plug-in other computers.

Most of the stock are based on the marketing of the world. Each country's climate, fuel quality, commercial considerations, vehicle warranty, etc. are different, so the stock will do the most average ECU program setting. That's why the vehicle couldn't bring the performance of the original hardware design into full play.

MYS ECU have a professional foreign engineering team and powerful software systems. Tuners consider the hardware conditions of the vehicle first, and then design a new ECU upgrade program for meeting the driving habits without affecting the durability and warranty of the vehicle.

After MYS ECU tuning, there are no fault codes generated during the maintenance or computer inspection of the original factory. Of course, there is no way to find that the vehicle had been upgraded. The original program of each vehicle we had been backed up. In case of any warranty dispute, we can restore the original factory settings for you to ensure the customer's warranty interest.

In addition, the engine durability of the vehicle will be no problem. It was tested by foreign professional teams, tuning in the safe range of vehicle hardware conditions. The purpose is to play the original performance, not improper modification.

The software systems used by each brand are different. The conditions considered and the design concepts are also dissimilar. That's why the final performance and quality will be very different. Unstable tuning programs will affect the durability and performance, even cause the idle instability, system fault codes and startup anomalies. Only powerful software systems and an experienced professional team can provide the best quality and significant performance improvement.

MYS has researched and developed many vehicle programs. We can do a wide range of vehicles. Motorcycle, car, business vehicles, jet skis, tractor, etc., the number of models that can be upgraded now, which proves the strength of our software equipment and engineering team.

Basically, MYS tuners are directly writing new programs into the stock computer of the vehicle. Retain the automatic learning function, which is basically 100% compatible with the original computer. This is the most orthodox and most effective way.

The stock test computer does not have any writing and input functions under normal maintenance and will not enter the system to detect or change program if it is not necessary. Only if the vehicle is re-written with a new file in the event of a vehicle engine, gearbox failure or engine overhaul, there will be no program being eliminated. If the program is eliminated when returned to the original factory, we can help to re-tuning for one year software warranty.
Address:No.1117, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 70843, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:+886-6-2987255